Compact and bijou

My studio is based in leafy South West London

This was never intended to be a commercial ‘dry hire’ facility. It’s for me. I have recorded everything from singer songwriters to whole bands (and even a choir), but it’s intentionally designed for 1 – 3 people to record and mix comfortably. I have tie-lines through to a living room/study which doesn’t ‘look’ like a studio floor. It’s meant to be that way – it encourages people to feel relaxed. I find that musicians respond better to books and records than eggboxes. Nearly all of the vocals & guitars (and many rhythm sections) on the ‘Productions’ player were recorded in this room.

From the garage

My studio started as a double garage, then I got lucky with a song and drafted in Howard Turner (aka ‘The Studio Wizard’) to make my room sound good. I think that the biggest single downfall of many project studios is not actually knowing what you’re listening to. My room sounds really good. Thanks, Howard!

When Howard had finished wiring and testing my newly treated room, he got me in to see/hear how acoustically neutral it was, then left with a warning that I may want to listen to some recent work from the previously untreated room. I was mixing an album at the time, and was so shocked that I started again. Happy face.

A room for all reasons

The point was always to have a space that’s perfect for creating, recording, editing and mixing music with the minimum of stress.

I have a lots of mics, amps, pedals. I also have instruments. Many instruments –  over 100 guitars, basses, psalterys, melodicas, harmonicas, zithers, banjos, dulcimers, whistles and assortments of even odder stuff. Someone keeps bringing them here. It’s a source of almost constant delight for my partner.

Here’s the list of some of my gear (as of today anyway).


Flea 47
Flea 49
Neumann M149
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann KM 184, Pair
AEA R84 Ribbon
GA R1 ST Stereo Ribbon
GA R1 Active Ribbon
Beyer M260 Ribbon
Oktavia MK12, Pair
Cad E100S
AKG D112

More Microphones

AKG D190
AKG C1000s
DPA 4099, Pair
Beyer X1N
Beyer M201TG, Pair
Shure SM57
Telefunken M80
Electrovoice RE320
Violet Amethyst
Violet ‘The Finger’, Pair
Violet Global, with all capsules

Some Other Stuff

D.A.V. Broadhurst Mic pres
AEA Stereo ribbon Pre
UAD 4-710d
UAD Apollo 16
Allen and Heath monitor desk
Chandler LTD-2
Handcrafted Labs stereo opto tube
Neumann KH310A monitors
Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor
Avantone cubes
Softube Console 1 controller
Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard controller

In the box, I run Logic and ProTools. Logic is my comfort zone and I’m too busy at the moment (or, it seems, at any moment) to take 3 weeks out and relearn key commands.

I have a lot of plugins but have winnowed it down recently to what I think just sounds really good. Waves, UAD, SoundToys, Slate, Izotope, NI, Arturia, FabFilter, Brainworx, Celemony, Spitfire, U-He and the sublime Softube Console 1 is the basis. A couple of physical modules, but lots of soft keys. You’ll have to bring your own Moog Modular.